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Below is the list of my published books. I’m proud of each and every book in my Author Portfolio

and hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

For any inquiries, please get in touch at

megha_low resolution_ebook cover_resized

Megha Gupta hates three things in her life - Maths, Pigeons, and Bananas.

Nothing worries Megha, a ninth-grader, too much. Her marks in Maths are going down the slope, and she’s constantly compared with her smart siblings. There is hardly anyone in the township who doesn’t know about her famous parents.

But when her school principal, a big fan of her Pa, asks her to cancel the Autumn vacation and instead join a special Maths class for meritorious girls belonging to the weaker sections of society, Megha is left with no choice.

Will it be a nightmare or a lesson in self-discovery and realization? Or both? Will Megha survive the Maths classes?

Cleo creative cover.jpeg

Thamara, is hospitalized due to low blood sugar levels. Glimpses of her life unfold before her as she sees familiar faces in the hospital room. Do the memories convey something? Does Thamara get a chance to correct herself?

Clara tells Tom the story of Cleopatra the dinosaur, Louis the crocodile and Harvey the sloth who lived millions of years ago. How does Harvey solve the problem between Louis and Cleopatra? What is the secret behind their names? Does Tom get to meet them again?

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